Map lovers know that Vectorar Corporation has greatly contributed to a better understanding of terra firma by driving their ground-mapping vehicles throughout metropolitan areas and beyond to help contribute data to an entire high-resolution Earth-mapping project.

Little did Vectorar Corporation know that one afternoon when they were in the middle of mapping Terre Haute, Indiana, one of their mapping vehicles would be struck by someone carelessly driving through a red light.

As it turned out, the very information supplied to Terre Haute tow service companies to coordinate their GPS and customer locations originated from Vectorar Corporation so there was going to be a tie-in, for sure!

The left rear quarter panel of the car along with the tire and hub on that side of the car were badly damaged. Vectorar Corporation needed help and quickly. Who did they call for a Terre Haute tow service? Terre Haute Towing Service, of course!

That Which Was Needed!

 The Vectorar Corporation vehicles are modest Chevy 2017 Sonics. Aside from their full body-wrap vinyl graphics identifying them as Vectorar Corporation mapping vehicles, they have a roof mounted camera scanner equipped with high-resolution still cameras and movie cameras providing 360 degrees of coverage as they travel through towns mapping the streets and ever building the database of street views.

The mission to map these streets must go on to meet deadlines that have been described to their stockholders. At the Vectorar Corporate headquarters, they already had a database of who the best emergency vendors would be in any town they mapped.

For Terra Haute tow service, the primary company was Terre Haute Towing Service.

The fast thinking planners at Vectorar Corporation came up with a plan. They requested that Terre Haute Towing Service bring their damaged vehicle to the airport where they could rent a similarly sized vehicle.

The two mapping technicians knew how to quickly remove the strapped-on roof camera package to a fresh vehicle. And after they did that, Terre Haute Towing Service brought the damaged car to the repair shop of choice according to the instructions of the Vectorar Corporation honchos.

The Outcome

 Before long, the damaged vehicle which would require some bodywork, tire and axle repair, and a re-wrap of the vinyl for the rear quarter panel was at the body shop and the two Vectorar Corporation mapping technicians were in a rental car with the roof package in place and they were finishing up their mission in Terra Haute.

It all happened so quickly and seamlessly that it made all the folks at Vectorar Corporation very happy they had picked the right Terre Haute tow service, Terre Haute Towing Service to be sure!